Juice Reboot

Today I have reached the end of 7 days of keeping a picture food journal. I started the journal because I wasn’t losing any weight and I felt I needed to get a grip on what I was eating. I needed it in black and white (well actually in sparkling camera phone colour but you now what I mean) in front of me to really see where I was going wrong.

During this time I knew my food situation was getting worse, I was eating stuff that doesn’t agree with me and a couple of times during the week I had binges. My anxiety levels are pretty high at the moment and the weight loss is just not happening.

Looking at my food diary it was obvious to see my main issue is sweet stuff. I still have big cravings for sweet stuff and even though mostly I use healthier sweeteners like honey and maple syrup I still over eat on the sweet when I do eat it and this spirals into a binge.

So…I need to find a way of breaking my reliance on sugary sweet foods and I need to do it now. I want to get rid of some weight and also feel better, more energetic and break my unhealthy relationship with food. As of tomorrow I am going to try a juice reboot as seen on Fat, sick and nearly dead.

I love the idea of getting so many vitamins into my body and I’m hoping it may reset my need for sweet foods. Along with counseling I am hoping I can kick the binges for good too. I am going to start with a 3 day juice reboot. Apparently the first 3 days are the most difficult so once I have got through them, if I feel like carrying on I will do so.

Wish me luck!

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