Juices or Smoothies?

I have been watching the documentary Fat, sick and nearly dead ( Joe Cross lost considerable weight and cured himself of an horrific skin condition by consuming nothing but water and veg and fruit juice for 60 days) and this has got me thinking about nutrition in juice versus smoothies and whether incorporating juices into my diet would be beneficial.

I eat lots and lots of fruit and veg and enjoy doing so, and so I currently only drink the occasional smoothie made with a Nutri bullet (I have friends who swear by this daily to keep their fruit and veg intake up) but I am wondering about whether to invest in a juicer too.




You consume all the fibre in your fruit and veg.


Nutrients are absorbed more slowly due to the high fibre content, thus keeping you fuller for longer and preventing too much of a spike in blood sugar levels.


A good amount of fibre is good for your digestive tract, it keeps it healthy.


Some nutrients are stuck in the fibre and so never reach your blood as the insoluble fibre stops it being broken down- you are pooing out lots of lovely nutrition!



When you juice fruit and veg around 70% of the nutrients are released and you absorb 100% of these nutrients.
It would be difficult to drink a smoothie or eat as much fruit and veg to gain the same level of nutrients as are in a juice. 


The nutrients are absorbed much more quickly because of no fibre.


Easier to digest, gentle on your gut.


Juices work their way fairly quickly through you and don’t keep you going for as long- this could lead to over eating other things.


On balance I think both juices and smoothies have different but equal value and would work well for different people, depending on what your end goals are. I am quite inspired to try a juicing reboot and will let you know how it goes if I decide to do it!

If any of my readers have any views on this or have had success with juicing or smoothie making or have any more pros and cons to add; I’d love to hear from you!



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  1. akrobson says:

    I too have watched that documentary. I loved it. I got excited and picked out one of his green juices, and oh my gosh. Worst idea ever. The one I picked had celery, parsley, cucumber, and some others. Oh my word. Worst thing I have ever put in my mouth! I took one sip and was so nauseous that I almost threw up. Also, I was a little nauseous for a couple of days after that. I still haven’t been able to eat celery. All of this to say is that if you try juicing, start very slow. It is my recommendation to use ones that juice fruit and maybe one vegetable. As you can tolerate those, then you can try incorporating more veggies in the juices. My sister has done the juicing and she said that’s how you should do it. Gradually. I didn’t read up on it and just jumped in. LOL Anyways, that’s my experience. It’s definitely a great way to prevent disease.

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    1. hollyswann says:

      Thank you for your comment! Yes, I agree that transitioning from fruit juices to veg based juices has to be a gradual one. This weekend I tried a pre made carrot juice (just pure juice no additives or nasties) but I found it more than a little strange! Lots of people who I’ve spoken to about juicing who have been successful with it have found adding one fruit to a veg juice makes it taste better until you gradually get used to the taste of veg juice on its own. It’s really strange as I love the taste of carrots to eat but it’s like my taste buds were expecting a sweet taste as its a juice- all in the mind I think! 🙂👍🏽❤️🌟

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